Tuesday, May 31, 2016

#NASLMap Update 5/31/16 - Spare Some Change! Miami and Tampa Homeless

Surprising movement from Carolina on their bye week.

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Yes we know we have been ragging on Florida recently, but respect where it is due all four Florida teams combined to win ten points this weekend! Rowdies and Strikers took wins on the road at Minnesota and Ottawa while Miami won at home against Edmonton and Jacksonville held Indy Eleven to a point.

One would think this would cause a lot of twitter chatter, as we have mentioned before, chatter in Florida basically translates to 'murmur' most of the time. So have any of the Florida teams made an impact on the #NASLMap this week?

Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
and Tampa Bay Rowdies both won, but it was the Strikers who increased their grip on the Sunshine State. Only 1% separated the two teams last week. The Strikers have increased that to 6% and for some weird reason they managed to break new ground and take Alaska? Snowbirds must have headed back north for summer, or Ronaldo has gone fishing?

So the Strikers were the only Florida team to make a dent, Miami FC and Tampa both lost their only states and Jacksonville Armada remain the same with Iowa as their only home.

Strikers increase their grip on Florida after a good weekend for the State in NASL.

Indy stretches lead, still in fist fight with Minnesota......

Indy Eleven stretched their lead to ELEVEN thanks to winning Tennessee from Ottawa Fury and Arizona from Minnesota United FC, however the Loons hit back in the battle of the Midwest and recovered Wisconsin from Indy, hopefully with their new found stock of cheese the calcium intake will put some strength back in their leaky defense.

Carolina gains most ground without playing......

Despite having a bye week, the Carolina Railhawks wasted no time in taking to Twitter, they gained two states. West Virginia went a long time without a tenant until the Cosmos won it last week but their short term lease expired and Carolina moved in. They also took Alabama from Tampa Bay Rowdies leaving their brothers to the south looking for a cheap motel or at least a convenient park bench.

Desperate Times in Florida!

Spare some change for the homeless bums.......

Winning a very important game in Minnesota was not enough to stop Tampa Bay Rowdies losing their last remaining state of Alabama to the Carolina Railhawks. It's a cruel twist of fate for the team who dominated Florida in the early weeks of spring, Tampa now find themselves wandering the gulf coast looking for shelter.

Likewise Miami FC who held on to California for all of Spring season have now been made homeless by the New York Cosmos who claimed the Golden State as their own. Like Tampa, Miami also pulled off a fine win over Edmonton, it's just a great shame their fans can't seem to tweet about their team with location turned on.

If you see any Tampa or Miami fans over the coming weeks, please show some sympathy and throw them some change so they can get back on their feet, it's a hard luck life sometimes, you never know when you may be in the same needy position.

What were the main changes this week....?

  • The New York Cosmos gained California but lost West Virginia
  • Carolina Railhawks gain Alabama and West Virginia
  • Indy Eleven gains Tennessee and Arizona, loses Wisconsin
  • Minnesota gains Wisconsin loses Arizona
  • Ottawa Fury loses Tennessee
  • Ft. Lauderdale Strikers gain the grey state of Alaska
  • Miami FC and Tampa are without any territory. Losing California and Alabama.
  • No change for Rayo OKC, FC Edmonton, Jacksonville Armada, or Puerto Rico FC

This week should see a lot of unusual twitter traffic as all eligible US NASL teams enter the third round of the US Open Cup. Whether you are traveling to a game or staying at home, get tweeting about your team and make sure location is turned on. Even fans of USL teams should generate some data as they tag their opponents. With a Cup midweek and League weekend it should make for a few interesting changes next week!

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