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#NASLMap Update - Tampa Has Biggest Gain, But Still Not Happy! Extra Salty Edition (7/26/2016)

Pretty sure Bill Edwards bought a PC to help Tampa on the Map!

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Disclaimer: Apologies for the last NASL Map update, we actually made a mistake, Carolina were actually on six states and not seven, although we show no +/- movement in the standings this week the Railhawks are actually +1 for this update.

Bill is not happy at all!
Tampa lash out on the map thanks to new PC!

In an effort to combat their diminutive presence on the NASL map and commence a "one year plan" war on referees Tampa Bay bought a new PC and had it shipped from Fort Lauderdale.

Not only is it equipped with the latest version of Windows 10 and super spiffy at editing gameplay video and poor officiating, it also was used to rally the Ralph's Mob and get them tweeting across the States! And besides its helping fund the Strikers new Cricket stadium *chirp* *chirp*.

The Tampa Bay Rowdies managed to capture Alabama from Jacksonsville Armada (rendering them homeless, more on that shortly) but they also managed to steal the Indy Eleven stronghold of Ohio, building on the back of their Open Cup visit they grabbed enough to tip the balance in the Buckeye State.

Jacksonville Armada are having a rough time of it, when you lose at home to Ottawa Fury you pretty much know your card has been punched. They join their Florida brothers and sisters at Miami FC in being the only homeless teams in the #NASLMap, it's a tough life in Florida.

Squid Vicious seen in Miami having signing talks with Paolo Maldini (Anonymous Photographer)

Tony Meola is desperately trying to stave off being the first coach to be run out of town in 2016, in an interview yesterday he said "If we can just keep Puerto Rico from playing we can avoid finishing bottom". Rumor has it that Miami FC are in the latter stages of signing Squid Vicious from Armada to bolster their midfield after missing out completely on buying a PC, if that deal goes through be sure to remember you heard it here first!

While we are on the subject of Florida, what about those Fort Lauderdale Strikers? No change on the map and even less success on the field. After a Spring surge they have gained only one point in fall. Apparently they are moving to a new ground, it's an oval stadium designed to keep people further away from the field, this should suit Strikers fans as they spend most of their time as far away from their own field as possible.

Minnesota United they just never give up do they...
Offside surely? Terrible NASL Refs!

In an effort to assert their authority before slipping into bottom of the table MLS anonymity, those Loons are grasping at everything they can get. Desperate times mean for desperate measures, but asking Sammy N'Djock to throw the ball in his own net to get more people tweeting about your team... come on, really? It's not exactly cheating but it's a bit underhand, or overarm or something.

The #BlameItOnTheTurf era is now long forgotten and the Loons have adopted #BlameItOnTheJelly as their new campaign slogan for 2016. Minnesota United FC have claimed two new territories on the map in Wyoming and New Hampshire and despite losing Nebraska to Indy Eleven they have increased their lead again to four and inhabit 14 different states.

Indy Eleven despite topping the table again in NASL are still struggling to keep pace with the Loons, there are a lot of states balancing on a knife edge though and several months to go.

Around the map, best of the rest.....

The Carolina Railhawks made a smash and grab on Arkansas, stealing it from Rayo OKC and ensuring they keep third place in the standings a point ahead of New York Cosmos. Rayo did not lose ground though and made a raid of their own taking Utah from NYC.

FC Edmonton, Ottawa Fury, Fort Lauderdale and Puerto Rico FC stay the same.

Coming soon we will be bringing you a special International Edition of the #NASLMap, around about the midway mark in the season. There have been tweets about NASL teams in almost all corners of the world, some surprising, some not so surprising. A snapshot of our live map throws up some quite entertaining one, like the poor chap below who inadvertently became a player when complaining at @emirates for losing his luggage in a tweet they made about the Cosmos.

Not a very happy South African, never know where your team might pop up!

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