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#NASLMAP Final Spring Update - Indy Regains Control, Tampa Wins Back Florida! (6/15/2016)

The NASL Map after Spring Season - Keep tweeting over the break!

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Spring Season ends with Indy Eleven regaining control...

Indy Eleven made the news in more ways than one since our last update. In the run up to the final weekend of games, Indy announced the signing of Mexican international and former Cruz Azul captain Gerardo Torrado in Los Angeles. The news caused a media barrage of twitter action in the Golden State and across the country as the Eleven's stock rose in several states they do not yet own. Indy Eleven took California from Rayo OKC.

The Tug O' War in the midwest between Minnesota United and Indy Eleven rages on with Kansas again changing hands between the two. With the capture of the Sunflower State and the Golden State everying is looking bright and shiny for Indy as they regain the lead on the map with 12 states and became 2016 Spring Champions.
Florida Turns Green Again...

The Current State of Play in Florida - Tampa Edges Out Strikers in Week 11

Earlier in spring the Strikers wrestled Florida from the hands of the Rowdies in a return to form and a period of great results. Tampa Bay Rowdies have slowly crept back into the fray though and over the last two weeks have pulled back enough ground to give them the lead and some breathing space going into the break.

In the map as on the field no real team is being dominant in the Sunshine State this year. Miami FC, Jacksonville Armada, Tampa Bay Rowdies and Fort Lauderdale Strikers only have five territories between them. Floridians need to step up their twitter action and their game form if they want to stop the Carolina Railhawks from dominating the Southeast and Eastern seaboard.

Ottawa uses Voyageur Cup to steal British Columbia...

After dispatching FC Edmonton from the Voyageurs Cup earlier, Ottawa Fury won themselves two ties with Vancouver Whitecaps. After a 2-0 home win in Ottawa the NASL side traveled to British Columbia but unfortunately lost in the end on a 3-2 aggregate score. The attention that attracted did help them take BC from the Eddies.

The Fury now have the upper hand in Canada with three provinces to FC Edmonton's two. FC Edmonton still hold on to Nevada though and have the upper hand in the NASL league standings.

New Ground has Been Broken...

Once again in week eleven another grey area has been given a touch of color. Carolina Railhawks, despite losing badly in Indianapolis giving the Spring Championship title to Indy Eleven, managed to push into Delaware and now have the nation's capitol DC and Maryland surrounded. Both are currently held by Minnesota United, if the Railhawks popularity on the map continues the only way out for the Loons will be by sea or air. Carolina remain on eight states after losing Alabama to Jacksonville Armada.

And finally, last weekends most tweeted teams......

As if it wasn't obvious, a combination of the signing of Gerardo Torrado and a dramatic 4-1 victory to win their first ever piece of silver, Indy Eleven caused a media storm. All NASL teams combined accumulated over ten thousand tweets from Friday to Monday morning and the Spring Champions accounted for over 50% of those (rounded down). 

It was a landslide but things can change real fast over a short period of time, many teams will be making summer moves, playing international friendlies and fortunes can change in the fall. Puerto Rico FC took second highest as they ramp up their hype in the run up to their debut in fall. For the purposes of 'most popular' in any given weekend we count all tweets using the official team handle regardless of location or whether it is even turned on.

Check out Puerto Rico FC - They Are Ready!


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