Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 24 Predictions, ShambleMetrics, and Caleb's favorite betting lines

Format: Each betting line is assigned a star (★) rating. For the purposes of ROI calculation, each star corresponds to a single unit.

Week 23 Results: 1-0-3 (63-45-8 OVR / +8.76% ROI / +20.46 units)

Favorite Lines:

Carolina Railhawks vs FC Edmonton First Half 0-0 Draw (+135, ): FC Edmonton's season-long MO has been to keep it scoreless for as long as possible, then find the net at some point in the second half. They have the highest 1H Draw percentage on the road this season (72.79%), have the lowest 1H Road GF average (0.18), and are near the top of the league in 1H Road GA average as well (0.45). 

Indy Eleven Draw No Bet (-110, ): Somehow, someway, this team continues to win at home. The unbeaten streak is well documented, and a 76.92% home winning percentage is something which can't go unnoticed. The Cosmos, by comparison, have a road losing percentage of 54.55%. A draw in this fixture wouldn't surprise anyone, but the numbers are saying to trust Indy.


We're tracking these predictions in a points-based system throughout the season: 3 points for correct game result, 1 point for each correct score (by team), and 1 additional point for a perfect game.

Spring Standings:
James: 124
Caleb: 107
Seth: 107

Fall Standings:
James: 199
Caleb: 179
Brandon: 156*
Seth: 144

2016 Overall Standings:
James: 306
Caleb: 303
Seth: 251
Brandon: 156*

Points per Week:
Brandon: 15.60*
James: 13.30
Caleb: 13.17
Seth: 10.91

*Joined Week 14.

The ShambleMetrics:

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Remember: All gambling and betting line discussion is for entertainment purposes only. If you do choose to gamble, be sure to do so legally and responsibly.

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