Monday, August 8, 2016

Final Round: Top NASL Away Day

If you could visit any NASL city for a match, where would you go?

By: Brandon Cockrum (@brew_wallace)

After three weeks of voting we have eliminated ten cities from the Bloody Shambles Top NASL Away Day tournament and are down to our finalists. 

Midwest-region winner Indianapolis topped East Coast-region champ New York, winning 63% of votes. The International-region representative, San Juan, Puerto Rico, narrowly edged the Florida-region's Tampa Bay, 51% to 49%. BloodyShambles staff were starting to develop a tie-breaking contest to determine a winner, when the deciding was vote was cast at the last minute.


Our final matchup features the club with the league's best attendance over the last three seasons, Indianapolis, against the newest member of the league, San Juan. The Midwest city, provides great tailgating and large crowds on match day, and has a growing food and culture reputation to explore in a visitor's free time. The Puerto Rican capital offers an international travel and match experience, as well as the always-popular sun and sand.

Voting for the final round will remain open for approximately three days. Voters should NOT vote for their club's home city. (If you don't want to vote against your own club, don't vote in that bracket.) Vote for the city that you would most like to visit for an away match. Criteria for casting your vote could include the opponent's match day experience and supporters culture, your desire to also visit an away city for food or culture, or any other personal travel preferences you might have. (Quality of local breweries and waterparks are key criteria for me.)

Cast your vote today for the NASL's Top Away Day:


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