Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#EamonZayedRule - Helping Children Have More Fun - Summer Update (8/2/16)

Éamon Zayed on track to be NASL's leading scorer in 2016

Earlier this year the crew at Bloody Shambles came up with the idea of giving back to our local community by way of a charitable endeavor. After an interview with Éamon Zayed before the season began we decided to encourage people to donate money for every goal that Zayed scores for Indy Eleven for the 2016 season.

The #EamonZayedRule was originally created by a foreign government to control and restrict Zayed's eligibility status for soccer clubs within that country. 

"The rule was initially brought out to wrongfully prevent me from playing the game I love and nobody , especially kids should ever be prevented from playing and enjoying themselves!" -Éamon Zayed

We are taking back the #EamonZayedRule and making Indiana a better place in the process by partnering with Playworks Indiana and donating. Bloody Shambles and Permanent Relegation Podcast have joined forces to try and raise $2000 for Playworks Indiana by the end of the 2016 season.

Éamon has scored twelve goals in competitive play at the time of writing (8/4/2016), eleven goals in the NASL and one goal in the US Open Cup. At the moment we have $33.50 in pledges per goal so Éamon has earned the cause about $402 so far.

Playworks - Bringing the Power of Play to local Schools.
We have been collecting donations online through our DONATION PAGE and also at BYB tailgates and watch parties at Chatham Tap in Fishers and Union Jack Pub in Broad Ripple. The total raised in donations so far is $544.

Permanent Relegation's Game of Kings II Euchre Tournament raised a staggering $912 for the cause putting our total for the moment outside of pledges at $1436! If all pledges are honored we will have raised $1858 to date!

How can you help... ?

If you see them feed them, $1 helps, 50c helps, bring your penny collection that's gathering dust!

  • Watch out for donation buckets at BYB tailgates and watch parties at Union Jack Pub or Chatham Tap in Fishers
  • Sign up and pledge an amount per Éamon Zayed goal for 2016 and pay at the end of the season (see form posted below)
  • Make a donation online at our safe and secure custom Playworks fundraising page, all donations go directly to Playworks Indiana. CLICK HERE TO DONATE
  • Encourage a collection of your own, in your workplace, in a social group or even at an Indy Eleven watch party of your own
  • Spread The Word, share this cause on social media and use the hashtag #EamonZayedRule
If you would like to make a pledge per goal, use this form to sign up, we will send periodic emails with updates on Éamons goalscoring progress and our fundraising progress.

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