Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 NASL Prediction Polls

How will the clubs line up at the end of the season? Be sure to submit your prediction!

By: Brandon Cockrum

After writing our season preview, the Bloody Shambles staff submitted their predictions for the upcoming season. My picks were clearly the best and most accurate, but, to save my less-informed peers a public shaming, I have aggregated each of our six ratings into one predicted table. Without further ado, here are the Bloody Shambles' 2017 NASL Predictions:

Final Combined Standings
  1. Miami FC
  2. New York Cosmos
  3. Indy Eleven
  4. San Francisco Deltas
  5. FC Edmonton
  6. North Carolina FC
  7. Puerto Rico FC
  8. Jacksonville Armada FC

The Championship and Soccer Bowl Trophy Winner
  • Miami FC

In what seems assuredly to be a tight playoff race, our confidence in Miami taking both the combined season and championship trophies was nearly unanimous. FC Edmonton was the only other club to receive a vote for a first place finish in the combined standings. As for the the winners of the Soccer Bowl trophy, Miami received three votes, while Edmonton, New York, Indy each received one vote.

As for the bottom of the table, FC Edmonton also received one vote from a Shambler for a last place finish, but was outclassed by a league-owned Jacksonville club that collected five last place votes. 

What do you think?

We'd love to see what the fans think, so we set up a poll for you too. We'll check back after the spring and fall seasons to see how our picks are faring.

Submit your predictions for the 2017 season! 

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