Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#NASLMap UPDATE - What's It All Aboot Canada? (8/4/2016)

FC Edmonton are bringing home the Bacon in Canada!

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Can't we all just get along? 

FC Edmonton own Canada and there is nothing you can do Eh!

So the Eddies, not happy with being the best team north of Indianapolis have decided to wage a war in Canada and bully their foes Ottawa into a corner that could only become more compact if Donald Trump becomes president in November and closes the border! Maine could be the only exit left if the Eddies continue to tighten their grip around the red zones! Fury fans better make your escape before election time and make sure your paperwork is in order.
Trudeau, he's ready to Geau!

Despite an upturn in form for Ottawa Fury (yes believe it or not they are actually winning some games, ridiculous concept I know) they either don't care much for twitter or location services, or have simply bowed down to the fact that there is actually only one team that matters from the NASL in Canada and that is FC Edmonton. (CLICK HERE for instructions on enabling location on twitter posts)

lap me sideways with a chainsaw, a moose, a plaid shirt and a side of bacon! What is wrong with you Fury fans? Don't you even care that you are now surrounded? The Eddies have infiltrated New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and have you cornered, are you not even going to put up a fight?

rime Minister Trudeau is no stranger to a little dust up and he is putting the gloves on to win the war on territoryism, he is said to have no love for the Eddies recently calling them 'upstart peasants from somewhere over there up there somewhere'. Rumor has it he has also enlisted the help of the Queen herself, apparently she is more than a tad annoyed that a team of country folk led by a savage Scotsman have caused such a furor up her colony!

FC Edmonton now move up to third in the standings, which is quit incredible really considering all of their claims are in Canada except for Las Vegas, as everyone knows this is where the Eddies spend their Rubles when they go on vacation. 

An angry Fury fan bails out, somewhere in Lake Ontario south of Mississauga!

And the best of the rest of us..........

Our other favorite Canadian team Minnesota United managed to make a small increase in their lead again, gaining Georgia of all places from the Carolina Railhawks, taking their land claim to a total of 15. No doubt they have been in Atlanta debating who will take the first turn at being MLS whipping boys.

Indy Eleven along with FC Edmonton made a gain of two states over the last week, reclaiming Ohio from the Tampa Bay Rowdies (they are still upset about the refs, but more deflated by Tommy Heinemann making Freddy Adu look good in Ottawa) and pinching back Delaware again, this time from the Railhawks who had the biggest loss this week.

As for Rayo OKC, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, New York Cosmos, Puerto Rico FC and Ottawa Fury there has been no change and Jacksonville Armada and Miami FC are still homeless. (If we just mentioned your team, please click twitter instructions in paragraph two)

*error - We actually gave the Cosmos a (-1) on the map graphic, they actually had no change, but ultimately nobody really will notice anyway, it's just the Cosmos...

No chance of JAX or MIA finding a home this year!

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  1. The Fury fighting over Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is like the Cosmos fighting for Nebraska and can have them. We will keep the good parts of the country, thanks!