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#NASLMAP UPDATE - Cosmos, Rayo and Edmonton Find New Ground In Week 6 (05/09/16)

The Clock Turns Back - State of Vermont belongs to New York again!

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The were no pitched battles this week, but three unclaimed territories were claimed in North America. Quite surprisingly by three completely different teams. The Cosmos, Rayo OKC and FC Edmonton all claimed a grey area! All three has reasonably successful weeks also, the Cosmos and Rayo both won their weekend games. FC Edmonton took a win over Jacksonville in midweek followed by a point in Indianapolis.

The Cosmos have claimed the previously uncharted territory of Vermont. For a long time the Vermont Republic was disputed as New York property, but after their own consent and some $30,000 in compensation Vermont was admitted to the Union in 1791. Now thanks to twitter those ornery New Yorkers have got it back again!

Rayo OKC took Hawaii, seriously did someone go on vacation and had nothing better to do than get on twitter? So all you Rayo supporters, who was it? We want to know? We don't remember ever having to put Hawaii on the map before.

FC Edmonton supporters finally managed to figure out how to turn on GPS on their phones and moved east into Saskatchewan. They now lead the battle for Canada by 3-2 heading into their Voyageur Cup showdown with the Ottawa Furries on Wednesday.

Indy Eleven remains the current masters of all things North America despite failing to defeat their Canadian neighbors this week they managed to hold on to the map and their undefeated streak. The Cosmos gain now brings three teams together on seven as they sit alongside Minnesota United and Carolina Railhawks. Indy fans better watch their backs!

What's happening globally? ....

We were asked if we were still collecting data for each country in the world, and the answer is yes we are. Each month we will try to do an international special. For now the following list gives a breakdown of all the tweets made around the world and who owns which country. If your team is not shown, it means nobody likes you! As far as the USA as a country goes, since April 1st, it is owned by the New York Cosmos.

  1. New York Cosmos (7) - USA, Venezuela, Australia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and United Kingdom.
  2. Miami FC (6) - Italy, France, Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Poland.
  3. Ottawa Fury (3) - Canada, Brazil, Peru, Serbia.
  4. Indy Eleven (2) - New Zealand, Uruguay.
  5. Rayo OKC (2) - Spain, Austria.
  6. Jacksonville Armada (2) - Ireland, Malaysia.
  7. FC Edmonton (1) - Netherlands.
  8. Carolina Railhawks (1) - Mexico.

Miami has made quite the international splash, only one country away from equalling the Cosmos who normally dominate this spread by quite a ways. If you are traveling abroad any time soon, don't forget to follow and tweet about your favorite team! (PS Rayo OKC sorry to inform you Hawaii is not a country)

The Great Battle for Florida.....

So how is that going, does anyone really care? Florida is the only state currently in the NASL with more than one team. Of course they had to just go and make four, because there is at least room for eight teams in Florida. If you live in Florida and there is not a team near you, you probably should complain!

Of course only one team can own the state, so here is a look at how it breaks down. If you support a Florida team other than the Tampa Bay Rowdies, you need to up your twitter game and see if you can claim it. Tweet about your team using their twitter handle or popular hashtags and make sure GPS is enabled (also for the benefit of the average Floridian, it helps to also turn your phone on as well). The numbers are all supporter tweets within the state since the beginning of the season. Come on Florida, you can do much better! The tweets of Tampa alone are less than half that of Indy Eleven in Indiana.

BONUS FEATURE - Who is "Team Popular FC" this week?

Each match weekend we are going to pull the total tweets for each team from Friday to Monday to see which team is being talked about the most. This week Indy Eleven is the talk of the league with 1243, New York Cosmos came closest to Indy with 1104 and the rest are mostly weak sauce! The Rowdies did not play this weekend, if they had they probably would have got at least 20 more tweets!

Indy Eleven had 1243 tweets, Rayo OKC had 409 the lowest of the team playing in week 6

Don't forget to follow 
@Soccerbits and Bloody Shambles on Twitter. Keep tweeting about your team, turn on GPS and use your teams twitter handle or hashtag. There are plenty grey areas on that map, once those all fall that is when the real battles will begin. Still a long way to go this year to see who will be crowned #NASLmap Champions of 2016!

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