Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NASL personalities as "Game of Thrones" characters

By: Caleb Ramp

With the HBO show returning for it's sixth season on April 24th, I figured it only made sense to discuss a few of our favorite NASL personalities and their counterparts from Westeros and beyond.

This post does contain a few spoilers from the first five seasons of HBO's Game of Thrones, but does not contain any additional spoilers from the book series.

If you're not up to date on the show, you should question your life choices -- and continue reading at your own risk.

Jon Busch - Tyrion Lannister

What he lacks in physical size he more than makes up in ceaseless determination and a fearless heart. Intelligence and his ability to communicate are his biggest assets, and he can inspire those around him. Always quick with a witty retort, always a fan favorite.

Giovanni Savarese - Tywin Lannister

The leader of the richest, most hated family in the Seven Kingdoms. Ruthless, successful, and won't hesitate to do whatever it takes to win. He was invincible. Untouchable. 

 Until he wasn't. 

Georgios Samaras - Jaime Lannister

Not what he once was physically, but still able to get the job done despite new limitations. Tales of his conquests of old will be told for generations, and his legend -- even among those who despise him -- will live on forever. Also, great hair. 

Thomas Rongen - Eddard Stark

Impossible to dislike. Even his rivals love and respect him. A storied past, having brought his family to new heights. A victim of a ruthless king who put personal pride over the good of the realm. We're not sure how, but we all hope he'll be back some day. 

It's worth mentioning that a One Year Plan didn't work out too well for Joffrey, either. Bill Edwards might do well to steer clear of pies on his nameday. 

If Rongen is our beloved Ned, I think that makes...

Freddy Adu - Theon Greyjoy

Once an outcast, Stark (Rongen) brought him into the fold and made him one of his own. The young man thrived under this regime, but once Stark was removed from the picture, the young man's dark past returned. 

There's still the opportunity for redemption, but time for him to reverse his current course is quickly running out.

Simon Mensing - The Mountain


He's huge. He's terrifying. When he sees red, he'll hold your face to the fire or crush your skull without a thought. Love him or hate him, you'd rather he be on your side than the enemy's.

With the use of blood magic or other forms of sorcery, he may or may not be able to be brought back to life as some kind of zombie version of himself.

Marc Dos Santos - Robb Stark

The King of the North led his men to victory after stunning victory as they marched toward a decisive showdown with Tywin's army. With ultimate victory in sight, it all fell apart. 

His loyal followers still weep over the Young Wolf's untimely departure from this world. His family was gutted shortly thereafter.

Peter Wilt - Petyr Baelish

The ultimate self-made man. Expertly leverages information and relationships to further himself and the causes he believes in. Always building, always moving, always ahead of the game. Instrumental in the rise and fall of kingdoms. Some theorize he's positioning to one day rule Westeros himself.

Miguel Ibarra - Khal Drogo

He was once our Sun and Stars. Our first and only (on the national team). He was taken from us far too soon, but in our hearts he will ride eternal. Vod chafaan. 

Dragan Stojkov - Drogon

Fly free, my friend.

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