Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bloody Shambles And Playworks: The Eamon Zayed Rule

The Bloody Shambles crew is proud to announce our first ever philanthropic campaign!  We will be raising money all season long in support of Playworks Indiana and we will be using the power of play to bring out the best in every kid and we'd like you to help too.

Why Donate to Playworks?

Playworks is the leading nonprofit in our community leveraging the power of play before, during, and after school to transform children’s physical and emotional health.

In a Playworks school, kids play hard, cheer loudly and high-five like crazy, and in the end they bring their best selves back to the classroom. By creating an environment of inclusive, safe, and healthy play.

That sounds a bit like the supporters section we have here in Indianapolis and its something all the Shamblers out there supporting Indy Eleven can get excited about.  

Who Is Eamon Zayed Why Does He Get His Own Rule?

You can listen to it in our Bloody Shambles Soccer Show Episode 27, but basically, we are trying to spin a negative into a positive and to raise money for kids every time Eamon scores. 

The #EamonZayedRule was originally created by a foreign government to control and restrict Zayed's eligibility status for soccer clubs within that country. 

"The rule was initially brought out to wrongfully prevent me from playing the game I love and no one , especially young kids should ever be prevented from playing and enjoying themselves!" -Eamon Zayed

We are taking back the #EamonZayedRule and making Indiana a better place in the process by partnering with Playworks Indiana and donating.  

You can also learn more about Eamon in this article written by our own James Cormack.

What Are The Rules?

The rules are simple. We donate every single time Mr. Hat Trick scores for Indy Eleven!  

This will be a jackpot style donation. That means the size of the award will grow as we continue to receive support throughout the campaign.  The donation will be tallied and that money will be sent to Playworks on behalf of you and The Bloody Shambles Soccer Show.  

Whenever Zayed tallies for the "Boys In Blue"-We Donate!

Do Own Goals Count?

We sincerely hope that wont be an issue. Thank you for your question. 

How Can You Help?

You can start by cheering for Indy Eleven and Eamon Zayed of course.  You can cheer along and let everyone know what we are doing here with the #EamonZayedRule. Help us promote the project across all social media channels whenever you see the hashtag come up.   

But you can also donate. It's what we are doing! You can look for Aaron, James and Caleb at watch parties or the BYB Tailgate tent in Lot B, and we will have a donation bucket set up for the short term. Look for a web based crowdsourcing platform launch very soon and you can always contact Playworks Indiana to donate directly to them.

If you are interested in making a pledge amount per goal, send an email to we just need your name and the amount you'd like to give per goal, we will be creating a donation page later.

"I think it's a fantastic charity that I'm over the moon to help and be apart of, and hey, now I have even more reason to score for Indy Eleven." -EZ

The Bloody Shambles Soccer Show is happy to have a voice, to give back, and enjoy some soccer with the best fans in the country. The 2016 season is here.  Let's do this.  

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