Friday, March 11, 2016

Bloody Shambles Soccer Show - Episode 27 with Éamon Zayed!

Episode 27 of the Bloody Shambles Soccer Show live from Union Jack pub in Broad Ripple.

James, Aaron and Caleb catch up with Éamon Zayed and find out how he is liking Indianapolis and how preseason is going! Here are some things we learned!

- Éamon is going to win the NASL Golden boot award!
- Indy are going to beat Ottawa in the home opener (Éamon said so!)
- Éamon could have played for Ireland, Libya or Tunisia as a full international!
- Éamon is a better striker than John Daly (because James said so!)
- Sean Connery is the best Bond (because Aaron said so!)
- Many other fascinating things from football to food and fashion tips!

"I can't believe I am drinking Guinness in a pub called Union Jack?" - Éamon Zayed 2016

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